Marge and Milhouse’s mom playing with dildos

6 Simpsons 4
6 Simpsons 4

Posted in Marge Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

It’s Milhouse’s moms birthday, and Marge brought her a very special b-day gift! What she didn’t expect was for Milhouse and me to be hiding in the closet when she opened it up, revealing a big dildo! Milhouse’s mom was eager for Marge to try the new sex toy on her, so they both got naked, taking turns jamming the big dong up their dripping wet twats and dirty butts, sucking on them as if they were really big dicks! They were really loud, thankfully; otherwise they would have heard Milhouse and me masturbating inside the closet. Caramba, we would have been busted!

Marge and Milhouse's mom naked

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