Willy gets his chance to rip Marge’s sexy ass

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Turns out Willy can also pound my mom’s tight twat whenever he wants! She willingly jumps on top of his hard boner and starts riding it, making Willy happier than ever! Her wide ass goes up and down, massaging his wang, and as he raises the tempo, Marge comes to a complete exhaust. Yeah, Willy is restless – even after an hour of fuck he comes several times, but still has enough energy to pound poor mom! She’s tired, all covered in slippery cum and begs for mercy, but Willy won’t let her go until she fucks her to the last drop of sweat! Just look how ugly Willy tortures Marge’s sexy nude body in this lovely Simpsons porn episode!


Marge pays Moe for the beer with her sexy body

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Well, looks like Homer is not the only one who cheats in our family. I’ve recently been to Moe’s bar, and saw mom pleasing good old Moe! She was sitting on the bar counter naked, with white sexy stockings covering her long legs. She gave a handjob to Moe, sliding her hand up ad down his throbbing pole. Moe looked happy as never before! Soon he leaned back and sot his hot load all over mom’s sexy body, covering her big boobs with creamy semen! She smeared the cum over her belly, tasting it like some sort of scalded cream, and it looked terrific! Have a nice watch of another hot episodes featuring horny naked Marge Simpson!


Homer nails gorgeous Marge on the couch

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Hey, I’ve got myself a nice camera for my birthday! Now I can show you Marge making sex in even better quality! She gives me plenty opportunities for that. Just like today, when she allowed Homer to fuck her right on the couch! Homer’s large wang pierced her pussy through, pushing in and out with loud slaps. Mom was fucked even harder than ever – seems like Homer missed good old pussy pounding for quite a long time! In the end he sprinkled his load all over mom’s huge breasts and made her lick the last drops of cum from his meaty pole. Then he spotted me and chased me to my room, but of course I was quicker than this dumb fuck! So enjoy now.


Homer helps Marge to find the best fuck toy ever

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Seems like mom’s got an awful itch in her snatch, and she tries various dildos to satisfy herself. But Homer notices that and hurries to help his beloved wife. As for me, all this time I was hiding nearby with my camera ready, so now all I have is to show you all these juicy pics of naked Marge jumping on top of Homer’s massive cock! Her sexy long legs are dressed in long green stockings, and there’s nothing else on her stunning body! Her big tits shake as she goes up and down, riding Homer like a wild horse! It’s an extremely seductive cartoon porn picture gallery, and I want you to see it right away!


Marge and Luann fuck using sex toys

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Marge and Milhouse’s mom seem totally nuts to me! How else can I explain their weird sex in the middle of the day right in front of my eyes? They got themselves some weird sex toys and now massage each other’s snatches with great enthusiasm! Strange two-sided dildos are being thrust up their holes, making them moan lustfully, as they slap their butts together. I’ve collected myself very quickly and hurried up to bring my camera and make pics of all the juicy moments there! So now I proudly present nude Marge Simpson fucking Luann Van Houten with sex toys! Simpsons porn pics by Bart, caramba!


Dr. Hibbert examines Marge’s snatch

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Mom took me with her to the mall today. I was really bored until she decided to visit Dr. Hibbert. That’s when all the fun started! Mom asked me to wait until the doctor finishes her medical examination, but I was too interested in what was going on there, and sneaked into Hibbert’s cabinet. What I saw was stunning – he was already thrusting his tricky fingers inside her snatch! Mom seemed to like it very much, and by this time she already managed to take off her dress! Her sexy round boobs made the doctor so turned on that he forgot about everything in the world and just teased her red clit, making her wriggle in ecstasy!


Homer catches Marge and Milhouse’s mom having lesbian sex

Homer came back from work early; he probably got suspended or fired from the Nuclear Power Plant again. Imagine his surprise as he walks into the living room and finds Marge having wild lesbian sex with Milhouse’s mom, licking her wet twat while she inserts a huge jelly dildo up her puckered asshole! Homer was really turned on, so much, that he even dropped the big jelly donut he was devouring so he could join the naughty lesbian toon girls for a steamy threesome! They don’t need that dildo if they have Homer’s big yellow dick to play with!

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Marge and Milhouse’s mom playing with dildos

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It’s Milhouse’s moms birthday, and Marge brought her a very special b-day gift! What she didn’t expect was for Milhouse and me to be hiding in the closet when she opened it up, revealing a big dildo! Milhouse’s mom was eager for Marge to try the new sex toy on her, so they both got naked, taking turns jamming the big dong up their dripping wet twats and dirty butts, sucking on them as if they were really big dicks! They were really loud, thankfully; otherwise they would have heard Milhouse and me masturbating inside the closet. Caramba, we would have been busted!

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Marge and Milhouse’s mom have lesbian sex with dildos

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Hey, it looks like when I’m having my play dates with Milhouse, Marge is having her own with Milhouse’s mom! We had been playing at home all afternoon, but we were so bored, we grabbed our bikes and went over to Milhouse’s home. We heard some funny noises coming from his mom’s bedroom, so we sneaked a peak through the window. Cowabunga! Mom and Milhouse’s mom were totally naked and they were having naughty lesbian toon sex, just like the wild girls in Homer’s XXX movies! They were bounce crawling on all fours, rubbing their wet twats together, and joined by a double ended jelly dildo! Mom also had a huge dildo lodged in her gaping asshole and Milhouse’s mom was sucking on yet another toy! We had so much fun spying on them through the bedroom window and masturbating!

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Marge smears peanut butter on her ass and has sex with Bart and Milhouse

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Marge really knows how to keep a couple of brats like Milhouse and me busy! She knows the only thing that can distract out dirty minds from mayhem, video games, TV and bad behaviors is her naked body! She takes turns sucking our dicks and giving us blowjobs, she knows how to make us blow our load! She grabs a jar of peanut butter and smears it all over her asshole, so Milhouse can fuck her ass with one of her big dildos while she sits on his face and gives me wicked head! Cowabunga, mom, you’re gonna make me cum so hard again!

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Homer and Marge have a wild anal, cum swapping sex session

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I woke up late at night from a scary nightmare, so I ran to my parent’s bedroom, so scared that I didn’t even knock on the doorSCowabunga! I walked in on them having really kinky sex! Homer’s huge yellow dick was spurting creamy cum all over Mom’s big tits and swollen nipples! I could tell they had been doing anal stuff, because her asshole was also filled with semen and swollen red as Homer fingered it! I never saw Homer and Marge swapping cum like that, they were so turned on, they didn’t even notice me getting in the room! I hid in the closet so I could masturbate watching them fuck in such a hot way!

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Zelma has lesbian sex with Marge

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Now I know why Homer isn’t getting any from Mom lately, she is having a naughty lesbian affair with Aunt Zelma! I came home early from school the other day and totally busted them while they were doing it on the living room rug! They were rubbing their wet pussies together and Aunt Zelma even had a big sex toy sticking out from her dirty butt! They made me promise I wouldn’t tell Homer, only if they let me have sex with both of them, ay caramba!

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Ron Stoppable has sex with Marge Simpson

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Ron is letting me fuck all his hot girlfriends, like Camille and maybe even Kim! I love that sexy redhead chick and I want her to meet el Barto! The only way that Ron will let me have a go with his girl is if I let him have hot sex with my Mom! That’s okay, I know that Marge is a dirty slut and she will enjoy getting her pussy licked and fucked hard by Ron and his monster cock! She even puts on her kinkiest red lace lingerie for him, what a slutty mom I have!

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Marge gets banged by Homer and Moe

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Mom sends us to bed early on Thursday nights. That’s when Homer and Moe have their poker nights. Lisa and I sneak out so we can watch all the naughty stuff that goes on! Poker lasts as long as it takes for Marge to get totally naked and let Moe and Homer take turns fucking her in the living room! She likes to feel their hard yellow cocks fucking her at the same time, what a dirty slut!

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Lesbian sex with Marge and Zelma

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I came home early from school the other day and found mom doing very naughty stuff with Aunt Zelma, man! They were both totally naked on the living room rug, and Aunt Zelma was licking mom’s wet pussy! Mom seemed to really be enjoying it; there were lots of weird sex toys shaped like cocks all over the place too! I had to stick around and watch, I had no idea that Aunt Zelma could be so dirty!

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