Marge and Milhouse’s mom have lesbian sex with dildos

6 Simpsons 1
6 Simpsons 1

Posted in Marge Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

Hey, it looks like when I’m having my play dates with Milhouse, Marge is having her own with Milhouse’s mom! We had been playing at home all afternoon, but we were so bored, we grabbed our bikes and went over to Milhouse’s home. We heard some funny noises coming from his mom’s bedroom, so we sneaked a peak through the window. Cowabunga! Mom and Milhouse’s mom were totally naked and they were having naughty lesbian toon sex, just like the wild girls in Homer’s XXX movies! They were bounce crawling on all fours, rubbing their wet twats together, and joined by a double ended jelly dildo! Mom also had a huge dildo lodged in her gaping asshole and Milhouse’s mom was sucking on yet another toy! We had so much fun spying on them through the bedroom window and masturbating!

Marge and Milhouse's mom have lesbian sex


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