Homer catches Marge and Milhouse’s mom having lesbian sex

Homer came back from work early; he probably got suspended or fired from the Nuclear Power Plant again. Imagine his surprise as he walks into the living room and finds Marge having wild lesbian sex with Milhouse’s mom, licking her wet twat while she inserts a huge jelly dildo up her puckered asshole! Homer was really turned on, so much, that he even dropped the big jelly donut he was devouring so he could join the naughty lesbian toon girls for a steamy threesome! They don’t need that dildo if they have Homer’s big yellow dick to play with!

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Marge and Milhouse’s mom playing with dildos

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It’s Milhouse’s moms birthday, and Marge brought her a very special b-day gift! What she didn’t expect was for Milhouse and me to be hiding in the closet when she opened it up, revealing a big dildo! Milhouse’s mom was eager for Marge to try the new sex toy on her, so they both got naked, taking turns jamming the big dong up their dripping wet twats and dirty butts, sucking on them as if they were really big dicks! They were really loud, thankfully; otherwise they would have heard Milhouse and me masturbating inside the closet. Caramba, we would have been busted!

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Marge and Milhouse’s mom have lesbian sex with dildos

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Hey, it looks like when I’m having my play dates with Milhouse, Marge is having her own with Milhouse’s mom! We had been playing at home all afternoon, but we were so bored, we grabbed our bikes and went over to Milhouse’s home. We heard some funny noises coming from his mom’s bedroom, so we sneaked a peak through the window. Cowabunga! Mom and Milhouse’s mom were totally naked and they were having naughty lesbian toon sex, just like the wild girls in Homer’s XXX movies! They were bounce crawling on all fours, rubbing their wet twats together, and joined by a double ended jelly dildo! Mom also had a huge dildo lodged in her gaping asshole and Milhouse’s mom was sucking on yet another toy! We had so much fun spying on them through the bedroom window and masturbating!

Marge and Milhouse's mom have lesbian sex

Lisa’s kinky 3some with Bart and Milhouse

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After watching some of Homer’s dirty porn, we were ready to play out all the kinky scenes, but we needed a girl, and who better than naughty Lisa! She was more than eager to help us play out all the kinky scenes and pretty soon we were all naked on top of her bed. Lisa straddled herself on my hard dick and rode it hard while she stuffed her mouth with Milhouse’s erection! Boy, was she a trooper, Lisa sucked so much dick and fucked so hard, Milhouse and I blew our loads all over her face and mouth!

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Lisa has a threesome with Milhouse and Bart

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Milhouse and I were watching some of Homer’s dirty porn tapes while Mom was not home, boy, did we get turned on! We went over to Lisa’s room; she was probably studying or playing her saxophone, so we were going to give her something else to play with. She was actually taking a nap, totally naked and she looked really hot. She was freaked out to wake up to the view of Milhouse’s huge wang and my own chubby boner! Mmmm, Lisa was going to have a great time taking turns sucking our dicks and letting us fuck her very hard!


Lisa has a 3some with Milhouse and Bart

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Marge smears peanut butter on her ass and has sex with Bart and Milhouse

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Marge really knows how to keep a couple of brats like Milhouse and me busy! She knows the only thing that can distract out dirty minds from mayhem, video games, TV and bad behaviors is her naked body! She takes turns sucking our dicks and giving us blowjobs, she knows how to make us blow our load! She grabs a jar of peanut butter and smears it all over her asshole, so Milhouse can fuck her ass with one of her big dildos while she sits on his face and gives me wicked head! Cowabunga, mom, you’re gonna make me cum so hard again!

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Lisa likes to fuck with Milhouse

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Whoa, man, I put a spy cam on Lisa’s room the other day to see all the naughty stuff she does when she thinks she is alone. I had no clue that goody two shoes Lisa could be such a dirty slut! When she thinks she is alone at the house, she dresses up like a hot cheerleader and invites Milhouse over, letting him fuck her very hard and sucking his fat dick before mom gets back home from the market!

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Marge giving Milhouse a hot blowjob

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Oh, man, my mom can be a real toon slut sometimes! Milhouse is supposed to be my best friend, but lately I think he just comes to my house so he can have hot sex with my mom! Ay, Karamba! I took a camera so I could snap some pictures of her in action and show Springfield that she is a dirty soccer mom! There she was, massaging Milhouse’s balls while she sucked on his big, bad boner! Wow, my mom is a dirty whore and she likes to suck my best friend’s cock!

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