Mrs. Crabapple has a naughty affair with Mr. Burns

thesimpsons 09
thesimpsons 09

Posted in Mr. Burns, Mrs. Crabapple by Bart

I no longer have to worry about getting bad grades with Mrs. Crabapple! I followed her from school the other day, and she went to a seedy motel, where she had a dirty date with old fart Burns! It looks like my teacher is into way older guys! No matter how much Viagra he took, he had a really hard time getting a stiffy, and Mrs. Crabapple did her best to guide his pencil thin dick into her dripping wet snatch! This must have been so embarrassing for her, when I showed her the pictures, she begged me to keep this a secret between both of us. I wonder if she is afraid that Principal Skinner finds out she is cheating on him, or just embarrassed to be seen with an old fart with a limp dick like Burns?

Mrs. Crabapple fucked by Mr. Burns

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