Homer gets lucky to fuck a luscious Indian girl

Simpsons 01
Simpsons 01

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Sometimes Homer cheats on mom. I know that, ‘cause this idiot doesn’t even try to hide something. I’m surprised mom still does not know this, but when she’s away from home, he invites Manjula – a sexy Indian girl – to our house. She has a muscled, but slim figure and huge boobs together with sexy ass. Oh, I’d love to give her a couple of spanks and shovel my hose up that pussy. Too bad Homer does that for me. He pounds her marvelous twat hard, making the girl grab the back of the bed and scream from pain! He fucks this Indian beauty until his yellow dick hits her with his semen from the inside. She leaves, all covered in cum, to take a quick shower, and Homer lies on the bed, tired but extremely satisfied. That bastard!



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