Lisa has a hot lesbian affair

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I just found out that Lisa and Janey are having a hot lesbian affair at school! I always knew that Lisa was a carpet muncher, wait until everybody finds out about their torrid romance! I saw them making out in the lockers, before Music Class and took some naughty pictures of them making out and stuff. Ay, caramba! Lisa will have to come up with a very good way to keep me silent, maybe a hot threesome with her and Janey will buy my silence!

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Twins Sherri and Terri having hot lesbian sex

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Sherri and Terri are hot twins, and I wanted to make my very own homemade twin porn movie! I know these toon girls are very dirty, it didn’t take me long to convince them of shooting a very hot lesbian scene together, they just made me promise I wouldn’t show the tape to anybody else. I sure hope they don’t get mad when they discover the Barto posted the videos all over the web so everybody in Springfield can bust a nut to these hot lesbo twins! Cowabunga!

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Bart has hot phone sex with an Asian girl

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I hope Mom and Dad don’t get mad when they see the next phone bill! I have been using the phone to have very hot sex with this naughty little Asian girl from school; she loves to tell me the dirtiest things on the phone, while she masturbates herself with dirty stories. What she doesn’t know is that I am taping all the conversations so I can play them back to all my friends at school! Better yet, I can sell them and make a few bucks, which will cover my butt from Homer when the phone bill arrives!

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Bart fucks a hot asian girl

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Ay, Karamba! I never thought that Asian pussy could be so sweet until I got to fuck this sexy Asian girl from class! I really wanted to show her how bad I could be, lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties so I could stuff her pussy with my little Barto! I fucked her very hard while she grabbed on to the edge of her desk and blew my load inside her, watching it drip form her wet slit! “You are bad, Bart Simpson!” She made me promise I wouldn’t tell anybody, but what can I say, I don’t have a cow, man!

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