Lisa punishing Dr. Drakken

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Wow, Lisa is getting dirtier by the day, man! I was talking to my good old pal Ron Stoppable and he told me this dirty story involving horny Drakken and my sister Lisa! Looks like he enjoys getting dominated, and Lisa gets off making him her bitch! She puts on her BDSM outfit and rides Drakken, whipping his ass until its left swollen red! Drakken’s cock gets very hard with all the naughty punishment, these guys are so dirty! Wait until Homer finds out about this, man!

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Lisa gets gangbanged by the school thugs

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Lisa came home crying the other day, she told me that the thugs at school were bullying her again and it gave me a great idea. I convinced them to stop bullying her and she would let them gangbang her while I filmed it all for my home made porn collection! Lisa didn’t like the idea, but the thugs loved it! They gave her lots of rough and kinky sex and I got it all on my handy cam, looks like horny Lisa is not such a nice girl after all, dude!

Lisa gets gangbanged