Lisa enjoys blowing Krusty’s hard knob!

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We went over to Krusty’s show to get an autograph with Lisa, but Krusty was playing hard to get, looks like all the fame has gone up to his head! Good for me, Lisa is a dirty slut, and I know that would get us Krusty’s autograph! She got down on her knees, Krusty though she was going to beg for it, but instead, naughty Lisa pulled down his pants, grabbed his huge dick in her tiny hands and started giving him an amazing sloppy blowjob! Krusty was moaning and gasping with lust as Lisa gave him the best head ever, I could tell by the way he blew his load all over her face and hair!

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Lisa’s bed breaks from so much sex

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Mom asked Homer to fix the bed in Lisa’s room, she thinks we are wrecking it with so much playing, but she has no idea it’s actually torn down from all the hardcore fucking that goes on in Lisa’s room every night. Lisa may seem like a library geek, but she is a dirty little slut, she is always fucking around with boys and girls, but manages to get away with it. Nasty little Lisa, I will have to catch her red-handed one of these days so mom and dad see how dirty she really is.

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Lisa likes to fuck with Milhouse

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Whoa, man, I put a spy cam on Lisa’s room the other day to see all the naughty stuff she does when she thinks she is alone. I had no clue that goody two shoes Lisa could be such a dirty slut! When she thinks she is alone at the house, she dresses up like a hot cheerleader and invites Milhouse over, letting him fuck her very hard and sucking his fat dick before mom gets back home from the market!

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More Drawn Sex.

Lisa gets gangbanged by the school thugs

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Lisa came home crying the other day, she told me that the thugs at school were bullying her again and it gave me a great idea. I convinced them to stop bullying her and she would let them gangbang her while I filmed it all for my home made porn collection! Lisa didn’t like the idea, but the thugs loved it! They gave her lots of rough and kinky sex and I got it all on my handy cam, looks like horny Lisa is not such a nice girl after all, dude!

Lisa gets gangbanged

Lisa gets her sweet cherry popped

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Lisa is a very shy girl, she swears she is still a virgin but I know the truth and I have pictures to prove! Shy Lisa was going out with an older guy, he took her to the river and stripped her naked, asking her for a proof of love! Lisa was blushing with lust and desire, you could tell she wanted to feel his big fat cock popping her cherry, but they weren’t counting on the Bartman spying on them with his trusty camera! I got the most amazing close-ups of Lisa losing her virginity to this older dude, cowabunga! Marge and Homer will be pissed when they see how dirty their little girl really is!

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Lisa gets naughty with the family dog’s cock

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You may think cute Lisa is the most innocent and do-no-wrong kind of girl, but you are all so wrong! The Bartman has the pictures to prove it! I caught Lisa playing with Santa’s Helper, and believe me, there was no innocence in what she was doing with him! Lisa seems to have a thing for big dog cocks, no wonder Milhouse never gets any attention from her! I took many picrtures of her in her thong and socks, playing with the family dog’s big, hard dick, man! Don’t have a cow? Well, she does have dog cock, man!

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