Homer nails gorgeous Marge on the couch

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Hey, I’ve got myself a nice camera for my birthday! Now I can show you Marge making sex in even better quality! She gives me plenty opportunities for that. Just like today, when she allowed Homer to fuck her right on the couch! Homer’s large wang pierced her pussy through, pushing in and out with loud slaps. Mom was fucked even harder than ever – seems like Homer missed good old pussy pounding for quite a long time! In the end he sprinkled his load all over mom’s huge breasts and made her lick the last drops of cum from his meaty pole. Then he spotted me and chased me to my room, but of course I was quicker than this dumb fuck! So enjoy now.


Marge gets banged by Homer and Moe

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Mom sends us to bed early on Thursday nights. That’s when Homer and Moe have their poker nights. Lisa and I sneak out so we can watch all the naughty stuff that goes on! Poker lasts as long as it takes for Marge to get totally naked and let Moe and Homer take turns fucking her in the living room! She likes to feel their hard yellow cocks fucking her at the same time, what a dirty slut!

Marge gets banged

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Marge and Homer fuck with sex candy

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Marge and Homer think I am at school and not hiding under the kitchen cabinet, so Marge offers him lots of sex candy she bought from the Sex Shoppe. She knows how much Homer loves candy and sex, so this is the perfect mix! Turned on by so much sugar, Homer grabs Marge, strips her naked and plows her very hard with his big yellow cock. I like to hide and watch Marge and Homer fucking, I always end up masturbating to what they are doing!

Homer cartoon sex

Bart catches Marge and Homer fucking

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I caught Marge and Homer doing it the other day, man! They thought we were at school, but I was actually hiding in the closet! Homer was rubbing a big sex toy in between mom’s huge tits, boy, did she look hot! I can learn a lot about how to fuck a girl by watching Homer do it to Mom; she really seems to enjoy it because she keeps asking him for more and more! Hope they don’t catch me masturbating while they fuck.

simpsons cartoon xxx

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Bart catches Homer and Marge doing it

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Homer and mom are always having sex, man! I can never get any sleep with all the noise they make. I decided to hide in the closet to see what all the fuss was about, and I caught my parents having sex! Marge was totally naked and she looked so hot as Homer drilled her wet pussy from behind with his big yellow cock. Now I understand why they make so much noise, instead of complaining, I will continue hiding in the closet and masturbating while they are doing it!

Homer and Marge fucking

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