Lisa’s kinky 3some with Bart and Milhouse

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After watching some of Homer’s dirty porn, we were ready to play out all the kinky scenes, but we needed a girl, and who better than naughty Lisa! She was more than eager to help us play out all the kinky scenes and pretty soon we were all naked on top of her bed. Lisa straddled herself on my hard dick and rode it hard while she stuffed her mouth with Milhouse’s erection! Boy, was she a trooper, Lisa sucked so much dick and fucked so hard, Milhouse and I blew our loads all over her face and mouth!

Lisa getting double banged

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Camille gives Bart a hot blowjob

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Since Ron Stoppable is a good buddy, I asked him present me with some of the hot girls he knows. I know there is no way he will let me fuck with Kim Possible, but that is okay, el Barto already has his eyes set on that lovely stuck up bitch of Camille. This girl really knows how to suck a dick, man! She’s going to make my little Bart blow up and cover her dirty face with cum!

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Bart fucks a hot asian girl

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Ay, Karamba! I never thought that Asian pussy could be so sweet until I got to fuck this sexy Asian girl from class! I really wanted to show her how bad I could be, lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties so I could stuff her pussy with my little Barto! I fucked her very hard while she grabbed on to the edge of her desk and blew my load inside her, watching it drip form her wet slit! “You are bad, Bart Simpson!” She made me promise I wouldn’t tell anybody, but what can I say, I don’t have a cow, man!

Bart Simpson Fucking