Lisa’s kinky 3some with Bart and Milhouse

Posted in Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

After watching some of Homer’s dirty porn, we were ready to play out all the kinky scenes, but we needed a girl, and who better than naughty Lisa! She was more than eager to help us play out all the kinky scenes and pretty soon we were all naked on top of her bed. Lisa straddled herself on my hard dick and rode it hard while she stuffed her mouth with Milhouse’s erection! Boy, was she a trooper, Lisa sucked so much dick and fucked so hard, Milhouse and I blew our loads all over her face and mouth!

Lisa getting double banged

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Lisa has a threesome with Milhouse and Bart

Posted in Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

Milhouse and I were watching some of Homer’s dirty porn tapes while Mom was not home, boy, did we get turned on! We went over to Lisa’s room; she was probably studying or playing her saxophone, so we were going to give her something else to play with. She was actually taking a nap, totally naked and she looked really hot. She was freaked out to wake up to the view of Milhouse’s huge wang and my own chubby boner! Mmmm, Lisa was going to have a great time taking turns sucking our dicks and letting us fuck her very hard!


Lisa has a 3some with Milhouse and Bart

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Mrs. Crabapple has a naughty affair with Mr. Burns

Posted in Mr. Burns, Mrs. Crabapple by Bart

I no longer have to worry about getting bad grades with Mrs. Crabapple! I followed her from school the other day, and she went to a seedy motel, where she had a dirty date with old fart Burns! It looks like my teacher is into way older guys! No matter how much Viagra he took, he had a really hard time getting a stiffy, and Mrs. Crabapple did her best to guide his pencil thin dick into her dripping wet snatch! This must have been so embarrassing for her, when I showed her the pictures, she begged me to keep this a secret between both of us. I wonder if she is afraid that Principal Skinner finds out she is cheating on him, or just embarrassed to be seen with an old fart with a limp dick like Burns?

Mrs. Crabapple fucked by Mr. Burns

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Lisa enjoys blowing Krusty’s hard knob!

Posted in Krusty, Lisa Simpson by Bart

We went over to Krusty’s show to get an autograph with Lisa, but Krusty was playing hard to get, looks like all the fame has gone up to his head! Good for me, Lisa is a dirty slut, and I know that would get us Krusty’s autograph! She got down on her knees, Krusty though she was going to beg for it, but instead, naughty Lisa pulled down his pants, grabbed his huge dick in her tiny hands and started giving him an amazing sloppy blowjob! Krusty was moaning and gasping with lust as Lisa gave him the best head ever, I could tell by the way he blew his load all over her face and hair!

Lisa giving blowjob

Homer gives Aunt Patty much needed cock!

Posted in Aunt Patty, Homer Simpson by Bart

Homer went over to Aunt Patty’s to fix some stuff at her home, but I think he is up to no good, so I followed him with my bike. Homer is quite the handyman, and he has the right tool to fix Patty’s needy pussy! My naughty aunt strips naked and bends over the ladder, shaking her fat ass and wet pussy right in front of Homer, giving him a huge boner! Using his tool box as a step, he gets on top and starts boinking Aunt Patty from behind. I wonder if she is hotter than mom in bed? Homer is always bad mouthing my aunts, but he seems to be having a great time with Patty right now!

Homer porn toons

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Lisa giving Moe a wet blowjob

Posted in Lisa Simpson, Moe by Bart

Lisa’s grades have been pretty bad lately, really weird for a brainiac like her! I knew something had to be up, so I followed her to the library, where she usually stays all afternoon studying. Imagine my surprise when Lisa took a detour and headed straight to Moe’s bar! Moe was waiting for her with his pants down and his huge dick exposed! Lisa took off all her clothes, man; my sister sure is looking hot now that she is a teen! Her toon pussy was dripping wet and her boobs were brushing against Moe’s hairy balls while she gave him an awesome blowjob that made him blow his load all over Lisa’s face!

Lisa sucking Moe's dick

Marge smears peanut butter on her ass and has sex with Bart and Milhouse

Posted in Bart Simpson, Marge Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

Marge really knows how to keep a couple of brats like Milhouse and me busy! She knows the only thing that can distract out dirty minds from mayhem, video games, TV and bad behaviors is her naked body! She takes turns sucking our dicks and giving us blowjobs, she knows how to make us blow our load! She grabs a jar of peanut butter and smears it all over her asshole, so Milhouse can fuck her ass with one of her big dildos while she sits on his face and gives me wicked head! Cowabunga, mom, you’re gonna make me cum so hard again!

Marge have sex with Bart and Milhouse

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Homer and Marge have a wild anal, cum swapping sex session

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

I woke up late at night from a scary nightmare, so I ran to my parent’s bedroom, so scared that I didn’t even knock on the doorSCowabunga! I walked in on them having really kinky sex! Homer’s huge yellow dick was spurting creamy cum all over Mom’s big tits and swollen nipples! I could tell they had been doing anal stuff, because her asshole was also filled with semen and swollen red as Homer fingered it! I never saw Homer and Marge swapping cum like that, they were so turned on, they didn’t even notice me getting in the room! I hid in the closet so I could masturbate watching them fuck in such a hot way!

Marge fucked hard by Homer

Zelma has lesbian sex with Marge

Posted in Marge Simpson, Zelma by Bart

Now I know why Homer isn’t getting any from Mom lately, she is having a naughty lesbian affair with Aunt Zelma! I came home early from school the other day and totally busted them while they were doing it on the living room rug! They were rubbing their wet pussies together and Aunt Zelma even had a big sex toy sticking out from her dirty butt! They made me promise I wouldn’t tell Homer, only if they let me have sex with both of them, ay caramba!

Zelma hardcore cartoons

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Ron Stoppable has sex with Marge Simpson

Posted in Marge Simpson by Bart

Ron is letting me fuck all his hot girlfriends, like Camille and maybe even Kim! I love that sexy redhead chick and I want her to meet el Barto! The only way that Ron will let me have a go with his girl is if I let him have hot sex with my Mom! That’s okay, I know that Marge is a dirty slut and she will enjoy getting her pussy licked and fucked hard by Ron and his monster cock! She even puts on her kinkiest red lace lingerie for him, what a slutty mom I have!

Marge Simpson xxx cartoons

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Marge gets banged by Homer and Moe

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Moe by Bart

Mom sends us to bed early on Thursday nights. That’s when Homer and Moe have their poker nights. Lisa and I sneak out so we can watch all the naughty stuff that goes on! Poker lasts as long as it takes for Marge to get totally naked and let Moe and Homer take turns fucking her in the living room! She likes to feel their hard yellow cocks fucking her at the same time, what a dirty slut!

Marge gets banged

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Lesbian sex with Marge and Zelma

Posted in Marge Simpson, Zelma by Bart

I came home early from school the other day and found mom doing very naughty stuff with Aunt Zelma, man! They were both totally naked on the living room rug, and Aunt Zelma was licking mom’s wet pussy! Mom seemed to really be enjoying it; there were lots of weird sex toys shaped like cocks all over the place too! I had to stick around and watch, I had no idea that Aunt Zelma could be so dirty!

cartoon Lesbian sex

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Marge and Zelma have naughty lesbian sex

Posted in Marge Simpson, Zelma by Bart

Mom has a really weird relationship with Aunt Zelma. I came home early from school the other day and found both of them totally naked in the living room! I hid behind the sofa so I could see what was going on. Cowabunga, man! For an ugly broad, Aunt Zelma has a totally hot body, with big tits and a wet pussy! They were having very kinky lesbian toon sex together; it gave my little dude a stiffy, man!

naughty lesbian sex

Marge in a hot 3some with Moe and Homer

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Moe by Bart

Mom sends us to bed early on Thursday nights. That’s when Homer and Moe have their poker nights. Lisa and I sneak out so we can watch all the naughty stuff that goes on! Marge makes a bet that neither Homer nor Moe can refuse, to see who cums first when she takes turns sucking their hard cocks! She gets on her knees and sucks their hard cocks, making them cum at the same time and soak her in creamy cum! I guess it’s a tie, caramba!

hot 3some cartoons

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Homer and Moe play poker for Marge’s pussy

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Moe by Bart

Mom sends us to bed early on Thursday nights. That’s when Homer and Moe have their poker nights. Lisa and I sneak out so we can watch all the naughty stuff that goes on! Mom makes sure she keeps them well attended, with lots of beer and snacks. She puts on her sexiest red dress, the one that lets her big tits show off and that drives Moe crazy! She knows he has the hots for her and wants to make a bet with Homer so he can fuck her!

xxx simpsons toons

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