Terri and Sherri get naughty in bed

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Every night I sneak out of the house and go over to Terri and Sherri’s. I climb up the tree that overlooks their bedroom and I can see them in their undies. Cowabunga, it’s so hot and rad, man! They share the same bed, and even though Sherri is asleep, her twin sister is very much awake. She is playing with herself, hoping she doesn’t wake her sister up as she masturbates herself next to her! I wonder if she knows that I am spying on them very night…

Sherri get naughty

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Twins Sherri and Terri having hot lesbian sex

Posted in Sherri and Terri by Bart

Sherri and Terri are hot twins, and I wanted to make my very own homemade twin porn movie! I know these toon girls are very dirty, it didn’t take me long to convince them of shooting a very hot lesbian scene together, they just made me promise I wouldn’t show the tape to anybody else. I sure hope they don’t get mad when they discover the Barto posted the videos all over the web so everybody in Springfield can bust a nut to these hot lesbo twins! Cowabunga!

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