Lisa punishing Dr. Drakken

Posted in Lisa Simpson by Bart

Wow, Lisa is getting dirtier by the day, man! I was talking to my good old pal Ron Stoppable and he told me this dirty story involving horny Drakken and my sister Lisa! Looks like he enjoys getting dominated, and Lisa gets off making him her bitch! She puts on her BDSM outfit and rides Drakken, whipping his ass until its left swollen red! Drakken’s cock gets very hard with all the naughty punishment, these guys are so dirty! Wait until Homer finds out about this, man!

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Marge and Homer have naughty sex at home

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

Aw, man, the things that my mom has to do to get sex from Homer! She knows how much the old man loves food, so she goes to the Sex Shoppe and gets lots of sex candy for her man! This gives Homer a big hard-on, and while he is distracted eating all the naughty sweets, Marge takes the opportunity to suck his hard cock and let Homer fuck her very hard. They think we are all at school, but Lisa and I hide in the closet so we can spy on them.

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Marge and Homer fuck with sex candy

Posted in Springfield Sex by Bart

Marge and Homer think I am at school and not hiding under the kitchen cabinet, so Marge offers him lots of sex candy she bought from the Sex Shoppe. She knows how much Homer loves candy and sex, so this is the perfect mix! Turned on by so much sugar, Homer grabs Marge, strips her naked and plows her very hard with his big yellow cock. I like to hide and watch Marge and Homer fucking, I always end up masturbating to what they are doing!

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Marge gets sex candy for Homer

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

Marge knows the best way to get to Homer’s cock is through his stomach so she gets him a lot of sexual candy. Homer is so turned on by the sweet candies shaped like sex toys, that he gets a big boner. Now Marge can take advantage and suck his hard cock and let Homer fuck her very hard while he is enjoying all the sex candy she got for him. I hope they don’t notice I am spying on them from the bedroom closet, cowabunga, man!

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Marge and Homer having kinky sex

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

Missing school and hiding in the closet is the best idea the Barto ever had, dude! Now I can see all the naughty stuff that Marge and Homer do when they think we are not home. They both get naked and do it in the living room. Marge likes to get on her knees and suck on Homer’s huge cock. She eats his balls and shaft, begging Homer to cum all over her face. Mom is a really dirty slut, ay caramba!

Marge and Homer having sex

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Bart catches Marge and Homer fucking

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

I caught Marge and Homer doing it the other day, man! They thought we were at school, but I was actually hiding in the closet! Homer was rubbing a big sex toy in between mom’s huge tits, boy, did she look hot! I can learn a lot about how to fuck a girl by watching Homer do it to Mom; she really seems to enjoy it because she keeps asking him for more and more! Hope they don’t catch me masturbating while they fuck.

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Lisa’s bed breaks from so much sex

Posted in Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

Mom asked Homer to fix the bed in Lisa’s room, she thinks we are wrecking it with so much playing, but she has no idea it’s actually torn down from all the hardcore fucking that goes on in Lisa’s room every night. Lisa may seem like a library geek, but she is a dirty little slut, she is always fucking around with boys and girls, but manages to get away with it. Nasty little Lisa, I will have to catch her red-handed one of these days so mom and dad see how dirty she really is.

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Terri and Sherri get naughty in bed

Posted in Sherri and Terri by Bart

Every night I sneak out of the house and go over to Terri and Sherri’s. I climb up the tree that overlooks their bedroom and I can see them in their undies. Cowabunga, it’s so hot and rad, man! They share the same bed, and even though Sherri is asleep, her twin sister is very much awake. She is playing with herself, hoping she doesn’t wake her sister up as she masturbates herself next to her! I wonder if she knows that I am spying on them very night…

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Lisa has a hot lesbian affair

Posted in Lisa Simpson by Bart

I just found out that Lisa and Janey are having a hot lesbian affair at school! I always knew that Lisa was a carpet muncher, wait until everybody finds out about their torrid romance! I saw them making out in the lockers, before Music Class and took some naughty pictures of them making out and stuff. Ay, caramba! Lisa will have to come up with a very good way to keep me silent, maybe a hot threesome with her and Janey will buy my silence!

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Lisa likes to fuck with Milhouse

Posted in Lisa Simpson, Milhouse by Bart

Whoa, man, I put a spy cam on Lisa’s room the other day to see all the naughty stuff she does when she thinks she is alone. I had no clue that goody two shoes Lisa could be such a dirty slut! When she thinks she is alone at the house, she dresses up like a hot cheerleader and invites Milhouse over, letting him fuck her very hard and sucking his fat dick before mom gets back home from the market!

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Mrs. Flanders gets caught masturbating

Posted in Flanders by Bart

The Flanders are very religious and uptight, Ned and his boys spend all day long at the church while Mrs. Flanders cleans the house. But it looks like she is not as innocent as she pretends, cuz Marge went over the other day to borrow some sugar and saw a hot show from the window. Mrs. Flanders was totally naked, drinking booze and masturbating herself with a huge dildo! Looks like she gets all the action she can from the sex toy while Ned and the kids are not home!

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Lisa catches Marge doing strip tease

Posted in Marge Simpson by Bart

Lisa came back home from school the other day a little bit earlier than usual and discovered a sexy secret about naughty Marge! As she walked into the house, expecting to find her cleaning, she saw her totally naked, in sexy stockings and garters, performing a hot strip tease routine and masturbating herself. Cowabunga, dude, Lisa never thought that mom could be such a slut when nobody was home to see her! Now she can teach Lisa how to be a dirty slut too, that will make everybody very happy!

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Bart catches Homer and Marge doing it

Posted in Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson by Bart

Homer and mom are always having sex, man! I can never get any sleep with all the noise they make. I decided to hide in the closet to see what all the fuss was about, and I caught my parents having sex! Marge was totally naked and she looked so hot as Homer drilled her wet pussy from behind with his big yellow cock. Now I understand why they make so much noise, instead of complaining, I will continue hiding in the closet and masturbating while they are doing it!

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Lisa gets gangbanged by the school thugs

Posted in Lisa Simpson by Bart

Lisa came home crying the other day, she told me that the thugs at school were bullying her again and it gave me a great idea. I convinced them to stop bullying her and she would let them gangbang her while I filmed it all for my home made porn collection! Lisa didn’t like the idea, but the thugs loved it! They gave her lots of rough and kinky sex and I got it all on my handy cam, looks like horny Lisa is not such a nice girl after all, dude!

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Homer peeks at Marge masturbating

Posted in Marge Simpson by Bart

I love it when Homer tells me dirty stories from when he was in college and dating mom. He would sneak into her garden and hide behind the bushes, so he could see her sun bath in the lawn. Since she had no idea he was there, she would begin to masturbate herself, touching her wet pussy over the fabric of her swim suit. Homer would masturbate behind the bushes as well, he would be so loud, he always ended up getting caught by hot Marge!

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