Mrs. Flanders masturbating with a big dildo

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Mom ran out of sugar and asked me to go ask Mrs. Flanders for some, but I didn’t feel like going. Damn! I missed one hell of a show and I only found out at night, while I was hiding in mom and dad’s closet and overheard their conversation. Turns out that mom crossed over to the Flanders’s home and heard strange noises coming from the inside. She peeked through the window and discovered Mrs. Flanders totally naked, masturbating herself with a big dildo! Turns out the good wife is a little bit naughtier and sinful than she appears to be! Cowabunga, I’m going to have to organize a play date with the Flanders kids so I can get the inside scoop!

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Mrs. Flanders gets caught masturbating

Posted in Flanders by Bart

The Flanders are very religious and uptight, Ned and his boys spend all day long at the church while Mrs. Flanders cleans the house. But it looks like she is not as innocent as she pretends, cuz Marge went over the other day to borrow some sugar and saw a hot show from the window. Mrs. Flanders was totally naked, drinking booze and masturbating herself with a huge dildo! Looks like she gets all the action she can from the sex toy while Ned and the kids are not home!

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